Building our home a wonderful experience.

Dear Steve and Linda, It has been a little over a year since we moved into our new home. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again. You made building our home a wonderful experience. You were very patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and your quality of work exceptional. Our guests constantly compliment us on our home. Pointing out the quality of construction in our home appears to be much higher than other homes similar to ours. We have heard horror stories from other people who have built. They said their builder was difficult to reach, if they decided to make a change during construction their builder would act irritated and charge large change order fees, and they basically hated their builder by the time the home was complete. It was such a bad experience-they would never do it again. Our experience was the complete opposite. We would recommend you to all our friends and family because our experience was that good. You were always available. Your recommendations along the way turned out to be excellent. You were very good in dealing with the unexpected during construction, always giving us options. You expected the high standards that you put on yourself out of all your subcontractors. There were a couple of times you fixed things that I thought were fine, but they did not meet your standards. You were there after we moved in to do touch ups and correct minor things. We are very proud of our home. Thank you, Denise Cuddeback Montgomery and Chad Montgomery

The finish and attention to detail.

"...One of the key reasons for purchasing the home was the finish and attention to detail. We had been looking for over one year, and bought this home after one walk-through. The attention to detail and finish was of a level that we had only seen in homes costing much more, both in terms of overall purchase price an cost per square foot." -J. Kenneth Jones

Every effort to see we are happy with our home.

"We purchased a home from Steve and Linda Johnson last December. They were wonderful to work with! They were honest, straightforward, professional and reliable. They have made every effort to see that we are happy with our home. We'd do business with them again in a minute!" -Claudia Kirkland

Quality professionalism and outstanding workmanship.

"As first time home builders, we were extremely pleased with the quality professionalism and outstanding workmanship we found throughout the entire building process with Steven W. Johnson Construction, Inc. They were all very knowledgeable, dedicated, conscientious, honest and they communicated with us at every step of the process. They were genuinely concerned with meeting out needs and expectations and were helpful in all aspects of building, including accompanying us to pick out materials on several occasions. Our home is wonderful and we couldn't be happier with our experience with Steven W. Johnson Construction, Inc." -Jeff and Donna Tedford

Compliments from our guests.

Dear Steve and Linda, Lisa and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the house. I can’t tell you the number of compliments we get from guests that we have over. Both Lisa and I feel that you both had our best interests in mind on all of the major decisions on the house. Speaking of some of those decisions, I have to say your advice about finishing the bonus room was right on. It has turned out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house. Also, the addition of ridge caps on the roof was a very nice touch. We have greatly appreciated the follow up touches on the house. Having the painter come back and do the touch up from our moving in was wonderful. Lisa and I have joked on several occasions that we didn’t want to hang any pictures because the walls were so pretty it seemed a shame to put a hole in them. If you ever need a verbal recommendation aside from this letter, I would be more than happy to speak with any prospective clients that you have. Finally, I’d like to thank the personnel you had working on the job. In particular, Marty was great to work with. He was very patient with us (particularly while Lisa worked on choosing plumbing, and fixtures, appliances…). Thank you, Charlie Kimball

Careful construction on a hillside lot.

To whom it may Concern: "We are very pleased with the new home Steven W. Johnson Construction Inc. built for us in the southeastern Eugene. There are several reasons we feel Steve, Linda, John, Marty and others did a good job. Some examples: 1. The lot was on a hillside, making careful construction of a solid foundation especially important. They were able to make the lot work for our needs. 2. We were in a hurry. We had sold our other home and hoped to move into the new on in a time to avoid an intermediate move. They built our home in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. 3. When we think back both of us remember how Steve and Linda were always available, either by phone or in person, talking to us about the innumerable issues that come up during a project like this. 4. Finally, we very much appreciate the assurances Steve gas given us that this company will stand behind our home in the future and “be with us for the long haul” In short, if you are thinking of building a home we recommend Steven W. Johnson Construction Inc. Sincerely, James and Karen Duncan

Not a client just feedback!!

"We strolled through the home on Barbados Drive both Saturday and Sunday. We were very impressed with the layout, quality, and design of this house. We wanted to express to you what a great job you have done...We are thinking about building and if that is our choice we will surely call you! Thank you again for your hospitality and a great home, which is hard to find..." -M & C Williams