Careful construction on a hillside lot.

To whom it may Concern: "We are very pleased with the new home Steven W. Johnson Construction Inc. built for us in the southeastern Eugene. There are several reasons we feel Steve, Linda, John, Marty and others did a good job. Some examples: 1. The lot was on a hillside, making careful construction of a solid foundation especially important. They were able to make the lot work for our needs. 2. We were in a hurry. We had sold our other home and hoped to move into the new on in a time to avoid an intermediate move. They built our home in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. 3. When we think back both of us remember how Steve and Linda were always available, either by phone or in person, talking to us about the innumerable issues that come up during a project like this. 4. Finally, we very much appreciate the assurances Steve gas given us that this company will stand behind our home in the future and “be with us for the long haul” In short, if you are thinking of building a home we recommend Steven W. Johnson Construction Inc. Sincerely, James and Karen Duncan