Choosing the Johnsons was the best decision we made in our building process.

“If you are thinking of building a home, you won’t find a better builder than Steven W. Johnson Construction, Inc.! Choosing the Johnsons was the best decision we made in our building process. Steve suggested many architectural changes during the framing stages that were missed by the architects. Until the framing starts to go up, there are just some things you can’t see on a piece of paper or house plan. Steve saw those things and knew after working together for a short few weeks, what we would like and dislike. He made many suggestions and was flexible and easy to work with. He didn’t mind that we dropped by on a daily basis! Linda accompanied me on many buying trips… She has a wealth of experience and lends not just her personal style and opinion but a very unbiased opinion, accommodating to your style and design. She has seen the traditional tried-and-true styles and also the latest and upcoming trends. You want to feel that your house reflects yourr style and leaves no detail left undone. Our house is perfect… it reflects us! It shows our personality and style and we believe is warm and inviting. I thank the Johnsons and their crew for this -- they helped us to make this house our dream. We continue to get compliments on our house from friends and passerby alike. Since the completion of our house we have become great friends with Steve and Linda, and love having them over to our home and introducing them as 'our builders and friends'! Many can build a house -- the Johnsons built us a home!”” -Don & Kerre Oldenburg